My grandfather Ake (pronounced Okie) started our family painting business shortly after arriving in America from Sweden. He studied the painting trade at The Dunwoody Institute. Gustafson Decorating Service was born while he continued his studies.

Some kids are born with a silver spoon but my father was born with a paint brush in his hand and grew up immersed in the family painting business. In the early 90’s my father took over the business when my grandfather passed away. He ensured my father was proficient in every aspect of the business not just putting paint on a wall. Like my father, I have been involved with every aspect of the painting business and I too was born with a brush in my hand.

From all this we have grown into what we are, a company with great experience, knowledge and open to the ever changing seas of architectural finishes. Whether you need your office space, TI work, retail, commercial, light industrial, residential repainted, wallpaper or specialty wall finishes, we can do it.

With great pride I continue the legacy my grandfather began as he stepped off the boat from Sweden – Gustafson Decorating Service.